These are examples of the units and their capabilities depicted in CRISIS XXI.

Acquired counters are placed on Factions that opposition forces have identified and located. A Faction is immune to most types of Operations unless it is Acquired.
Info War markers represent the InfoWar resources a side possesses and uses to carry out Information Warfare Operations.
Intel markers represent the Intelligence resources a side possesses and uses to carry out Intelligence Operations.
Rapid Deployment markers represent the conventional Military resources a side possesses and uses to carry out quick, Military Operations.
Command markers represent the command control resources a side possesses and to coordinate operations.
CyberCadre markers represent the CyberWar resources a side possesses and uses to carry out or defend against Computer Attack Operations.
Critical Target markers represent the presence of Critical facilities, international meetings, and individuals present in a Region for an opponent to Attack.
Hostage Crisis markers show in which Regions opposing forces have taken Hostages and forced a media circus.
Prisoner markers record the possession of Prisoners or Hostages that one side uses to extort political advantage over an opponent.
Contamination markers show which Regions have suffered contamination from use of WMDs.
WMD WMD markers represent the possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction by a side. These can be used to extort political advantage of one side or another, or to undertake a powerful military attack.
High Tech markers represent the possession of HighTech military systems used to carry out special attacks (both conventional and terrorist) that are difficult to defend against.
Leader markers represent the possession of individuals with great charismatic or economic power whose presence can influence a variety of game effects.
HazMat markers represent possession of special Hazardous Materials units who can clean up Contaminated Regions.
Base markers provide a player with the ability to enhance the support of Military Operations in a Region.
Network Network markers placed on Fronts indicate that those Fronts do not operate as a hierarchy but rather as a serious of spontaneous formations, usually utilizing the internet for coordination.

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